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HoldiNova Group

The entities of the Group
HoldiNova – United Kingdom
ProjiNova – Global leader in containment spaces for falconry and poultry ( – UAE
EuroFilet – Confection, technical studies and Research Office (eurofilet.NET) – Morocco
FiletNova – Manufacture of nets, inflatable structures and leisure facilities ( – Morocco
FiletMed – Manufacture and Distribution (filetmed.NET) – Morocco
FmjMécénat, promotion des arts, sponsoring – Morocco
HoubaraÉlan ultra marin ( – Dominican Republic
AlgeaNova – Aquaculture, préservation de la biodiversité et énergies nouvelles – Dominican Republic (
NavyNovaIngénierie marine, architecture navale, chantier naval – United Kingdom
BioNovaInnovations, Recherche & Développement axé principalement sur la valorisation des algues – United Kingdom
AtSeaNovaL’algoculture innovative dans le monde entier – United Kingdom

30 years of experience in the areas of security, handling, sport, Boating, transport, playgrounds equipment, aquaculture, the sea cages... have allowed us to perfect our knowledge, Optimizing also the quality and productivity of our services.

ProjiNova® is a registered trademark with national and international organizations of industrial property rights management.

Strong experience and qualified personnel, HoldiNova the Group can adapt promptly to the means and objectives of each client, from the initial design to the maîtrise d'ouvrage. Within our performance study office, engineers, designers, Architects, Landscapers and managers work together their skills and requirements for the sole purpose of your project with excellence.

The HoldiNova group recently invested fully in :
– the development of innovative textiles to facilitate the production of algae. This project, supported by the EU, était animé par des chercheurs et des entreprises au sein du consortium AT~SEA Technologies, devenu aujourd’hui AtSeaNova, une entité à part entière du groupe HoldiNova.

– design, manufacture and installation of dams intended to counter or limit all types of malware (algae Sargasso, pollution, jellyfish, intrusions, etc.)


ASIA (13%)
EUROPE (35%)