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HoldiNova rachète un des leader mondiaux en algoculture : At-Sea Technologie devient AtSeaNova !

Nets of all types

Aquaculture, agricultural, farmed, sports, Security, protection, etc.

PVC inflatable

Inflatable advertising or industrial

Leisure facilities

Nets, ropes, tackle suspended, safety equipment, Accessories, etc.

Other services

Digital printing, utilising on tarp

Aquaculture and agriculture

Agricultural nets and aquaculture nets

Bird holdings

Nets for hawks, cages Outardes, tunnels, etc.

Transport and building

Safety nets, scaffolding nets, safety nets, cargo nets, Dam algae Sargasso in nets etc.


Sports nets, safety nets, training nets, etc.

Adventures and leisure parks

Equipment (nets, strings, safety equipment, etc.) for Parks Recreation and playground

Structures gonflables PVC et Thermosoudure sur bâche

All types of inflatable advertising or industrial, standard or customized, Dam algae Sargassum.

Digital printing

Communication of brands, event, sponsor, slogan, wallpaper, decor or work of an artist, trompe l ' œil, etc.

Systèmes anti ouragan

Sargasso : dams anti algae

Our anti Sargasso dams have been specially studied and tested to fight the invasion of algae on the beaches. Each application will be reviewed to adapt the anchorages taking into account the bathymetry of the places. We have also developed a barge of collection to remove algae by our dam.

Systèmes anti ouragans

Nos systèmes anti tempêtes protègent vos habitations lors de la saison cyclonique : toitures, structures légères, végétations (ouragans, tornades, coups de vent). Nos toiles en filets spéciaux ont résisté aux ravages de l’ouragan Matthew en République Dominicaine (septembre 2016)

Study and technical research office

All our achievements are evolving regularly and adapt to the constraints of your projects ; they are thus subject a job and a permanent investment whether their materials, arrangements or options; in order to take into account the latest scientific and technical advances while respecting Nature.

ProjiNova, global leader in containment spaces for the hawks and Bustards

The FiletNova group is the partner of the company ProjiNova, global leader in containment areas used for the rearing of hawks and Bustards. ProjiNova designs, develops and manufactures of oversized exception aviaries.

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